Pangman logos before and after

Size and kerning of the tagline is increased for improved visual balance. Size of the “P” emblem is increased slightly to align it with the wordmark.

John Day logos before and after
John Day Developments final logo redesign
Redesigned John Day Developments and Pangman Development Corporation logos side-by-side

The new font is carried over from the Pangman logo for a stronger typographic relationship. Colours are adjusted to compliment Pangman.

The building/structure iconography is retained from the original logo, inspiring an abstract mark built from hexagonal geometry—symbols of structure, strength, and creation. White space is utilized to add 3-dimensional definition.

Rejected Option 1

Alternate John Day Developments logo redesign option

A more straightforward redesign, this option retains the same building iconography from the original logo. In addition to the same typography and colour changes present in the final design, the “N” and “D” are connected to improve visual clarity and make better use of the negative space. The height of the “building” is shortened for improved visual balance.

Rejected Option 2

Alternate John Day Developments logo redesign option

The building iconography present in all logos is retained and further abstracted, using three geometric shapes to form building faces. The icon rises upward, symbolizing growth and change. The symbol comes together to imply the silhouette of a “J.”

John Day Developments

Pangman Development Corporation is an Edmonton-based real estate developer and builder that delivers world-class design, project management, construction, leasing and financing. Together with John Day Developments, they are perhaps most well-known for the development of Enbridge Centre – the first tower in Edmonton’s Financial District in 25 years.

Part of a wider rebranding initiative, my work on this project consisted of two tasks: a cleanup of the Pangman Development Corp. logo, followed by a redesign of the John Day Developments logo. The goal of the redesign was to reinforce the close partnership between the two entities by aligning the look and feel of the John Day Developments logo with Pangman.


John Day Developments, Pangman Development Corp.


Calder Bateman Communications (now ZGM Modern Marketing Partners)






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